Public Paint in Studio Events

tue21aug2:41 pm2:41 pm6:00 pm - Pick One To Paint

wed22aug2:00 pm2:00 PM Eli Lilly Team Building

fri24aug7:00 pm7:00 pm - MAGIC

fri24aug7:00 pm7:00 Lena’s 45 Years of Sunshine

sat25aug2:00 pm2:00 White to Taylor the Last Hurrah

sat25aug2:00 pm2:00 Fields Bachelorette Party

sat25aug6:00 pm6:00 PM Lizzy’s Final Fiesta

sat25aug7:00 pm7:00 pm - Forest of Love

sun26aug6:00 pm6:00 pm - Take The First Step

sun26aug6:00 pm6:00 Murderino Night

fri31aug7:00 pm7:00 pm - Foxy Brown

fri31aug7:00 pm7:00 Tammy’s Birthday Celebration with a Touch of Art