Public Paint in Studio Events

fri23mar7:00 pm7:00 PM Erin’s Girls Night

fri23mar7:00 pm7:00 pm - Toast to Greatness

sat24mar2:00 pm11:48 pm2:00pm - “The Box” Tub Time

sat24mar2:00 pm2:00 pm Megan’s Bachelorette Party

sat24mar2:00 pm2:00 pm - Tub Time

sat24mar7:00 pm7:00 pm - Turn Up With Dricathang

sat24mar7:00 pm7:00 pm - Humps and Heels

sun25mar3:00 pm3:00 pm - Lovers Lane

sun25mar3:00 pm3:00 pm - The Bond

wed28mar3:00 pm3:00 pm Team E’s Birthday Celebration

fri30mar1:00 pm1:00 PM Indiana Connected by 25

fri30mar7:00 pm7:00 pm - Hoops and Hair (Customize your hair and skin tone)

fri30mar7:00 pm7:00 PM LaToma’s Birthday Celebration

sat31mar2:00 pm11:48 pm2:00 pm - “The Box” Big Bloom

sat31mar2:00 pm2:00 pm - Big Bloom

sat31mar7:00 pm7:00 pm - Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace"

sat31mar7:00 pm7:00 pm - Power Couple

sat31mar7:00 pm7:00 pm Kristi’s Bachelorette Extravaganza