10am 20 Days in 2020 01/01/2020





20 Days in 2020 is all about Transforming!  Only the serious should apply!  Are you consistently last on your list of priorities?  Do you blame everybody else for your problems?  Do you keep the promises you make to everyone else but don’t keep the promises you make to yourself.  Yes, this included drinking more water, working out, standing up for yourself and putting yourself first!  Are you ready to live the life you were created to live?  Then, this class is for you!!!
Everything you need will be mailed to your home!!
  • Each day you will have an activity that will inspire you create the life you love.
  • Also included is 2 one-on-one creativity sessions with Creativity Coach, Tajuana Hill
  • Only 10 ladies will be accepted into this inaugural class of creativity!
  • 2 group sessions will also take place during the 20 days.
  • Books for required reading.

 Call 317-413-8490 If you have any questions!!!


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