11:00 am Sidewalk Paint What You Want Public Class 08/22/2020


Are you celebrating a special occasion?  Schedule your next event at Mimosa and a Masterpiece.  Bring at least 8 of your closest friends and you can create memories by creating a Masterpiece!  Call or text 317-413-8490 to chat with Tajuana!

10 seats available



Pick anything in the studio to paint.  Maybe you want to paint Starry Nights and your friend wants to paint Sisterhood.  An artist will be there to oversee your progress while you create!

Welcome to Mimosa and a Masterpiece!!
  • We offer stroke-by-stroke instruction.  The canvas is 16×20 and we use acrylic paint.
  • Mimosas are NOT included in the price.  However, we do sell mimosas, red wine and white wine for $5.  We also have a selection of soda and a mocktail for $2.
  • If your class happens to be on a Friday or Saturday night, please allow extra time for parking.  Mass Ave is VERY, VERY busy on the weekend.
  • There is metered street parking on Mass Ave Monday – Saturday until 9pm.  The parking meter takes change and credit/debit cards.
We give you the option to change the colors on your painting palette so that you can create your Masterpiece with the colors you like.  This may add a litle extra time to the start of the class.  However, we believe that it will be well worth it in the end, when you see your finished Masterpiece.

On a scale of 1-3, with 1 being beginner, 2 being intermediate, and 3 being advanced, the difficulty of this painting is a 1.


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